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Community for women to find friends & support.

Welcome to S’moo Babes, the first ever social media platform dedicated to women's health & hormone balance. Women all around the globe have joined S’moo Babes to connect, ask questions and find support. Whether you’re navigating PCOS, Periods, Reproductive Health, Trying to Conceive, Menopause, Fitness, Diet & Health, or just every day life… S’moo Babes provides a safe space and access to a community who are there to listen, share information and offer valuable advice while we chat all things feminine. We believe there is nothing like having a group of strong women who have your back, and can help propel each other forward to success! And if you're here, that means you've found your people. 

Why You Should Join Us

Meet: Discover women nearby who are on a similar journey 

Chat Room: Have conversations with other women in our chat room! 

Groups: Join groups and find communities with common interests 

Share: Share your story across different topics, ask questions, search advice and help others 

Info: We keep the platform up to date with new info, recipes, fitness advice, and more. 

Safe & Supportive

It’s our goal to create a SAFE & SUPPORTIVE space for us all to share with our fellow S’moo Babes to encourage caring, supportive and purposeful connections. 

* All profiles on S’moo Babes are verified prior to being accepted *

We have a zero tolerance policy towards bullying or abusive behavior of any kind.


THE SISTERHOOD IS REAL! With over 10K+ women using the app, S’moo Babes is a great place for women looking to find community.

 “What can I say? Being apart of the S’Moo babes is the best thing in my life! There are thousands and thousands of women who are going through the same things like I am so I don’t feel alone! They motivate me and help me through my journey I have never felt more supported in my life and it’s so crazy because I don’t know these women, but they make me feel safe and feel like family❤️. I am 8 days into S’Moo and counting! I even started working out because this app motivated me so much and today is my 3rd day of it! If you have any normal imbalances, PCOS, or anything join this app and you will experience the best support of your life❤️💪🏽. WOMEN RULE!” - Karina 

“I really do enjoy using this app. The women that created S’moo are heaven sent. When you ask questions or comment on something that you need to know, you definitely have a response by the end of the day. It’s like a long distance family member. You get so much support, that helps you go along way.” - Lpounds 

"The community is amazing, I see women reaching out and asking questions and everyone has something positive to say and help in whatever way they can.” - Sarah 

"This is an App for every woman ! This is the most amazing App I have ever downloaded, read and utilized daily. The community created here is empowering, sincere, helpful, useful and committed to its members. Sharing experiences and advice on various female health topics and helping each other gain strength and celebrate joys. Thank you for creating this platform for women !💕” - Sheila 

“I love the S’moo Babes App!! So many women empowering women to be their best everyday and being able to express yourself and talk about anything and knowing someone is there listening and giving you the best advice! Highly recommend this app if you have PCOS, HORMONAL IMBALANCES, menstrual problems, etc. Group of amazing women from around the world!” - Eicmommy

Free to use - always!

 S’moo Babes is free to join and use and always will be!